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Are RPGs becoming easier these days? [437 votes total]

Definetly (166)
Some of them (200)
A few of them (52)
Not at all (19)

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Posted By: Taran Wanderer

Posted On: Nov 15, 2003
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I beleive that a RPG should be difficult, forcing you to take time to train and the like, but I beleive that if you are going to get something that makes life easier, it should be hard to get.
For example, FF6. It was rather hard to go right through and beat the game, but if you took the time to get things like the Economizer, Gem Box, Offering, and the Paladin Shield, it became a lot easier, and those are hard to get if you don't know where your looking. I beleive that more games should include these elements.

Posted By: Unknown

Posted On: Nov 13, 2003
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Disagree with the Diablo point

I have to disagree about the diablo point. Diablo 1 was pretty easy to me, and Diablo 2 was just a tad bit harder. This, of course, is just my opinion on the subject.
About the subject at hand, I do believe that rpgs are getting basicly easier. In Final Fantasy VI you could only summon a guy once per battle. In VIII you could boost their power and repetedly summon them, making battles not too hard. I never played IX so I can't comment on that one, and in X you could have the summon stay and fight for you. Eventually, you don't even need to use Anima's overdrive, because he does 99,999 with regular hits.

Posted By: RPG Knight

Posted On: Nov 13, 2003
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I don't really know much on the topic, since the only RPGs I have are the Final Fantasies before PS2, and Earthbound. They're all great. But the Final Fantasies intended for the Playstation, as in 7-9 were VERY easy, or at least easier than the others. Yeah, in FFI it's INCREDIBLY important to train early on, and train in the middle, and near the end, etc. etc. To a lesser point it stayed that way FFII-FFVI. But say, FFIX, I'm awful at RPGs (not so much awful as I prefer learning more about the game, experimenting, exploring, etc.) and that was the first Final Fantasy I beat.

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