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What, in your opinion, was the "Golden Age" of RPGs? [308 votes total]

Present day (42)
90's (244)
80's (21)
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Posted By: YbrikMetaknight

Posted On: Nov 23, 2003
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Yeah...SNES is it. Although I think that the PSX had more great titles than the SNES did, its best are nowhere near the SNES's best. FFVI, CT, SoM and SMRPG are four of my five favorite RPGs of all time (FF Tactics is also in the mix there). I think of those titles as the best of the best, the height of RPGs and possibly of gaming in general (SNES is my favorite system of all time in a variety of genres).

Posted By: Lightning Dragon

Posted On: Nov 22, 2003
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SNES all the way!

I'd definitely have to say when the SNES was in full-swing. Graphics were never the main focus of any RPG. They had interesting plots to make people want to play them. Take Breath of Fire I for instance. It may not have had great graphics or sound, and some people might have gotten bored with the gameplay. But it had a great plot. Well, most people prefer Final Fantasy to Breath of Fire, so think of the early FF games. FF4, FF5, FF6... They all had good plots. The SNES times were also the days of good CLEAN gaming (save some of the later games like Bahamut Lagoon and Tales of Phantasia). Think of any of those games. Swearing? Maybe if you were playing a ROM directly translated from the Japanese. Even then the worst you heard was the d-word once in the game. Back then, RPGs would have all gotten E ratings. I know there probably aren't many people who recognize the importance of clean gaming, but I do. The games were funny without any dirty humor. They didn't have to rely on such things to get people to buy them! Now I know there's gonna be an angry mob after me once I state this, but compare FF6 to FF7. FF6 was a clean game, but any one who's played it would tell you it was good (unless they're derranged). FF7 was full of unessecary swearing, and the Corneo scenes were equally unnessecary. I did beat FF7, and was quite addicted to the Chocobo racing, but the fact remains. Games are losing substance. They are relying on spiffy graphics and intriguing gameplay rather than in-depth plot. Games were also free of mushy-ness in the SNES days. Which is why FF8 is of the devil. Games were funny back then, not full of sentimental mush. Some RPGs nowadays have absolutely NO plot. Take Dark Cloud for instance. There is no interaction between the main characters whatsoever, which is sad. So basically, I've said in many words what could have easily been said in few: Games are losing substance and relying on graphics, and are going downhill just as fast as tv has.

Posted By: Master Xiam

Posted On: Nov 22, 2003
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I agree with Matt, but...

Can you say "Golden Sun"? Though smaller and therefore portable, the Game Boy Advance fills into that gap left open nowadays by the absence of the SNES. Though it is true I am a big fan for Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger (though I never managed to finish the latter - Heretic me, I guess), I loved Golden Sun and its sequel ("The Lost Age"... They could have a theme going there!)
And, of course, the folks of the Zelda series are still pushing out great games.

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