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Do you plan to shrine for RPGC? [142 votes total]

Already have (8)
Currently doing so (7)
Planning to do one (13)
Someday... maybe (86)
No (28)

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Posted By: Yoshi

Posted On: Nov 23, 2003
Views: 2330
Currently doing so

Its not as easy as at sounds, the game itself takes quite a lot of time, and pictures for the game I am doing are wholly rare, I wish I chose an easier one...

Posted By: Sylvan Elf

Posted On: Nov 20, 2003
Views: 2375
I would...

If there were a shrine available for a game I liked that much. As it is, I'm spending a lot of time on my own website, working at writing, and studying for AP and Honors classes., so it'd really have to be one of my all time favorites for me to cram my schedule that much more. I need more hours in a day, or something.

Posted By: The Pill

Posted On: Nov 19, 2003
Views: 2389
God if only there were time

I'm a college student. "Nuff said." I have so many reponsibilities as a Theater Tech major, that I haven't even touched my Playstation 2 in four weeks. I would love to make a shrine, but first, I would need time. You can, however, see some of my work on the Breath of Fire Shrine. I created the Game Genie code list that has been sitting there for about the last five years.

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