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Is there a faith or religion in an RPG that strongly resembles your own beliefs? [326 votes total]

Yes (61)
No (155)
Kind of (110)

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Posted By: Sylvan Elf

Posted On: Dec 6, 2003
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I don't know. I've always considered that to be sort of a silly assumption to make, especially since some religions don't even require any donations or anything and may not even have a specific belief in a deity. As far as controlling actions goes, the fact is, a code of conduct is all that keeps some human beings from murdering each other for their own benefit. Going by the idea that it's all about control, you could say the same thing about law. Should we ignore acts such as murder? Society could very well fall apart if that happened. One doesn't have to believe in a deity to have morals.

Religion has always been a means to explain that which science has always failed to (and will most likely continue to). Also, how can one say that someone shouldn't believe that their religion is right, when by believing that no religion is (out of all the many, many religious views out there) is just as unlikely. The way I see it, you can believe in nothing if you like, but if you're right, it doesn't matter, and if you're wrong, it could.

Besides, the point of Breath of Fire II was not that religion was about control and was evil. The religion of the Dragon God (which was reminiscent of the older religion of Shinto) was presented as being a true religion and only the religion of St Eva was portrayed as being false. Personally, I think the game was done that way because some earlier Japanese experiences with monotheism were less than positive, and the implication was that the old beliefs are best.

Oh, well... Maybe I'm just crazy...

Posted By: Stray Cat

Posted On: Dec 6, 2003
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Religion on rpg´s

I believe that the religion in Breath of Fire II suits this case very well. Religion is only an method created by the church to manipulate people´s minds, lives and pockets. At least, that´s what i think... and there are questions that no one can answer, nor a priest, nor the papa, so i can´t see why people tends to believe that exist someone stronger than anyone in the world. For me, this is just a way to try to forget your problems, and throw everything into god. Hey, don´t care about the gramatical errors, i´m brazilian, and i don´t speak english very well. But you guys are doing a great work! Keep it up! Well, adiós folks! Till another poll!

Posted By: Tenchimaru Draconis

Posted On: Dec 5, 2003
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TD über alles

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