RPG Classics Poll
If RPGC were to resume with pop-up ads, would you be offended? [241 votes total]

*indignant sputtering* (109)
Only if the popups are really bad (67)
Somewhat (22)
Not really (18)
Not at all (19)
Other (Please specify) (6)

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Posted By: bigrich

Posted On: Jan 1, 2004
Views: 2393
don't care

I use Mozilla Firebird and that has a working popup blocker, so it wouldn't affect me.

Posted By: Jesus_"Superman"_Christ

Posted On: Dec 31, 2003
Views: 2417
i chose other

I chose other because I can do what I want because I r god I mean I r Jesus

Posted By: crowmagnum

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
Views: 2431

i have been to site where it takes forever to load because of the popups so i would say i woulden't mine as long as they aren't anoying and there aren't a lot of them

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