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Posted By: Life_Matrix

Posted On: May 12, 2005
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I Disagree With These Sentiments...

No offense intended, but I actually enjoyed the Mario Brothers movie... seriously! Sure, sure, it took HUGE creative licenses and it did not resemble the games accurately. It was not very realistic, but it's impossible to portray the Mario universe realistically. I can see how Mario fans might be upset. But I thought it had great humor, action and even had a bit of romance. I mean, who could NOT love that scene in the elevator where Luigi got all those pea-brained Kupas to sing and dance while they quietly escaped?!

As for Resident Evil... NO THANK YOU! I can't say any more because I did not and will not watch it. Personally, I think horror films are disgusting and quite disturbing.

How about the Street Fighter movie? Well, I think it had it's moments, both good points and bad. Some parts of it were QUITE cheesy. And, I found their version of the origin of some of the characters to not only be inaccurate, but quite disappointing. What ruined it for me, however, was the prolific use of rap music...

The Tomb Raider movies? I thought they were pretty awesome! The special effects were breathtaking! The actors did a great job and showed a lot of emotion. Laura Croft herself was very well portrayed. LOTS OF COOL ACTION! Very nice endings and plot twists, too. About my only complaint would be that the occultism and symbology (and violence) was a bit too deep - definitely not a movie for kids!

Technically speaking, the Dungeons and Dragons motion picture was based on a dice-and-paper game and not a video game, although there have been quite a few D&D electronic games. Again, this movie had awesome special effects and a decent story plot. It had some interesting choices for the cast and I thought they performed well enough. However, because this movie diverged so COMPLETELY from the Dragonlance universe, I had a hard time enjoying it. (In D&D, nearly all Dragons are supposed to be highly intelligent, talking beings, not mindless animals!!)

The Wing Commander movie? Decent special effects. Not on par with, say, Star Wars, but adequate for a sci-fi space action/adventure. What disturbed me was that the nearly hairless Kilrathi looked too much like Kingons, instead of the FURRY warrior-cats they are supposed to be. The acting was pretty good, all things considered. However, again, I was somewhat disappointed in how the producers took too much creative license. To me, it did not quite resemble the Wing Commander universe as I imagined it... Had a nice ending, though.

The Final Fantasy movie? Technically, it does not qualify because it was not directly based on any of the games by that name. However, I give that movie two thumbs up! It has to be the most breathtaking computer generated movie I've seen yet! Parts were almost indistinguishable from live action! It had a really gripping and moving story plot, as well. I was very impressed and, honestly, I can not think of a single flaw...

Posted By: HonorableFoolOfHonor

Posted On: Jan 3, 2004
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alot i have seen were really bad but the mario brothers movie takes the cake (mmmmm cake) just horrible

Posted By: Kero Hazel

Posted On: Jan 2, 2004
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But without the robots...

Oh man, the SMB movie was great! Absolutely hilarious. It only sucked if you took the movie seriously. It's just like MST3K.

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