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What Final Fantasy besides FFX would you like to see a sequel to? [1202 votes total]

FFI (43)
FFII (32)
FFIII (54)
FFIV (119)
FFV (48)
FFVI (235)
FFVII (250)
FFVIII (119)
FFIX (96)
FFX-2 (39)
FFMQ (27)
FFT (110)
FFTA (30)

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Posted By: Stupid Behemoth

Posted On: Oct 9, 2004
Views: 2357
preq (cant speell irt)

howcome no1 talks about the end of 1? im currently playing it at the moment so i dunno the ending but other than that i they should show a story of how the light warriors came to be.

Posted By: Crashy13

Posted On: Apr 17, 2004
Views: 2478
Bring On The Sequel!

I would like to see a sequal to ff7 because the characters and the idea of materia was amazing! i bet the game would sell just as much as all the ff games together!

Posted By: Uriel

Posted On: Jan 9, 2004
Views: 2656

Ok..I'm not drunk anymore...so now I"m going to speak...Final Fantasy sequels would break a very good tradition, the music to FFX-2 is great...but it breaks a 16-year old tradition...

Also, Advent Children isn't that old...it's just getting translated. It was already released in 2k, & it's more of a fanfic than a sequ8el, because we all know Sephiroth died deep within the planet when Cloud & Co. destroyed him. That last battle in FF7 was Cloud killing him from his mind, it was psychological.

As of FFXI, I don't like it. It's too stupid, I don;t care much for the monthly fee, but I think they should've made the game like Ragnarok Online. That system was so cool. & It'd be CUTE!

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