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Winners of the Wreckers Ball 2 opening band slots. [231 votes total]

Concombre Zombi (Austin, TX) (98)
Gutter Demons (Montreal, Canada) (75)
Mutilators (Santa Cruz, CA) (58)

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Posted By: Sinner

Posted On: May 18, 2004
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re: "psychobilly"

Dear music fans (meaning ANY JACKASS out to deface the Chop Tops the rest of you are probably REAL musicians and dig what we're doin'), Eddie Cochran wrote "20 Flight Rock" he also sang it, he also performed person...really (oh and if your too stupid to recognize mockery, you've just been mocked!!!) Also...WHO ****ING CARES WHO KNEW WHAT ABOUT "psychobilly" BEFORE WHO...this doesnÂ’t PROVE a GOD DAMB THING other than you THINK your cooler than the next generation of fans gettin' into the music and are most likely gonna treat 'em like ****, start fights with 'em, and basically be a TOTAL ****ING ASSHOLE and ruin the music you CLAIM to KNOW so much about and love, dip****. By the way we're NOT a "psychobilly" band, we never claimed to be a "psychobilly" band, and we never will be a "psychobilly" band (we like alotta psycho bands and have played with many of them but we play our own custom breed of "Revved-up Rockabilly" as we've coined the phrase.) And finally to the "KNOW IT ALL PSYCHOBILLY JAKCASS", Hazel Atkins & Screamin' Jay Hawkins were the GRAND DADDIES of "psychobilly" music (though the just like rockabilly European countries picked it up and kept it alive when a fickle America dumped it for the next "TREND" the "British invasion" or the Beatles ((who learned EVERY ****ING thing they knew from hearing Carl Perkins and the rest of the REAL rockers records which they covered constantly in the UK in their beginning.))

Posted By: wrecker

Posted On: Apr 20, 2004
Views: 3478
what the hell's up?

is this even happenibg anymore. wheres some info on the wreckers ball?

Posted By: this

Posted On: Apr 7, 2004
Views: 3428
only a


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