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Are you looking forward to Kingdom Hearts II? [334 votes total]

Yes (210)
Kinda (51)
Not really (35)
No (34)
Other (Please specify) (4)

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Posted By: Snake Eyez

Posted On: Jan 23, 2004
Views: 2594

As long as they put some FF 9 characters in it, I'll be a happy boy. :D

Posted By: Eternal_Sphere_6969

Posted On: Jan 16, 2004
Views: 2667
Lookin Foward To It

I think it is great that they made a sequel to Kingdom Hearts, and Im excited that it is coming out. I own Kingdom Hearts, and it was great that they took characters from two very popular empires and put them in one environment. I hope they put in more characters from the Final Fantasy series this time around though. All in all, Im very excited about Kingdom Hearts 2 coming out.

Posted By: Cala

Posted On: Jan 13, 2004
Views: 2763
Re: Surprise

No surprise here. I think it's the fact that you can actually play it.

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