Supergroup UK vs. USA
Which of the 2 bands above would make a better Supergroup album - UK (McCartney, Clapton, Townshend, Collins, Winwood, Elton) or USA (Springsteen, Van Halen, Armstrong, Grohl, Flea, Stevie) [2102 votes total]

UK (1376)
USA (726)

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Posted By: AJ

Posted On: May 26, 2011
Views: 2814
USA supergroup

eddie van halen all the way for lead and rethym
guitar he is with out any doubt the greatest of alltime! geddy lee on Bass alex van halen on drums david lee roth and jim morrison vocals!

Posted By: kinds

Posted On: Mar 29, 2011
Views: 2881
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Posted By: jenny147

Posted On: Mar 29, 2011
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