Supergroup UK vs. USA - Lineup #2
Which of the 2 bands above would make a better Supergroup album - UK (Sting, Page, Richards, Mullen, Martin, Gabriel) or USA ( Mellencamp, Santana, Simon, Henley, Joel, Crow) [1150 votes total]

UK (733)
USA (417)

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Posted By: Lamby

Posted On: Dec 19, 2008
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UK rock supper group

The best UK super group would consist of this:

Drums: Keith Moon
Bass Guitar: John Paul Jones
Rhythm Guitar: Eric Clapton
Lead Guitar: Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page
Vocals: Freddie Mercury

The Yardbirds had a line up with those three guitarists like that. So it would work. The 3 greatest guitar players ever with 3 very different styles. Keith Moon just beats John Bonham to drums spot. John Paul Jones is my preference over John Entwistle on bass guitar. Robert Plant is just not quite as good as Mercury but not far off.

If you add Keith Richards to list of names mentioned, you have enough for 2 outstanding British line-ups, that in any order would beat a line up from the rest of the world.

Posted By: Chris

Posted On: Apr 18, 2008
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The Americans in this group would lose before they could pick up their instruments!

Posted By: Mike

Posted On: May 23, 2007
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The top UK vote-getters at this point are:
Eric Clapton (guitar)
Justin Hayward (guitar/vocals for Moody Blues) Matthew Bellamy (vocals/guitar/keys for Muse) Paul McCartney (bass for The Beatles)
Mark Knopfler (guitar/vocals of Dire Straits) Roger Taylor (drums for Queen)
Rick Wakeman (keys for Yes)

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The top US vote-getters are:
Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar/vocal for Green Day)
Neal Schon (guitar for Journey)
Dennis DeYoung (keys/vocals for Styx)
Stevie Wonder (keys)
Neil Peart (drums for Rush)
Billy Joel (piano/vocals)
John Rzeznik (vocals/guitar for The Goo Goo Dolls)
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