Module of the Year
Which of the following modules did you like the best? [4074 votes total]

'A Harper's Tale' by Dave Mason (156)
'Foreboding in Sylvani' by Tseramed (44)
A Call for Heroes 3: Silencing Rathmann by Aulslime (60)
A Hunt Through the Dark by Markus 'Wayne' Schlegel (129)
A Song of Ice and Fire - The Night's Watch by SnowWolf (43)
Birthright of the North (FINAL g) by B G P Hughes (37)
Bone Kenning I: Art of the Thanaturge (v.1.04) by Wes Lewis (180)
Dreamcatcher by Adam Miller (690)
Good vs Evil by John 'Gestalt' Bye (48)
In The Company Of Thieves by Wynne McLaughlin (114)
Kiss of Fate by codepoetz (42)
Le bâtard de Kosigan (Module in french language) by fabien Cerutti (70)
Lord of the Rings: The Dunedain v1.31 (FINAL-I hope!) by Archaic (44)
Midwinter Festival/Midsummer Knights' Dream by Marc Price (74)
Necromancer, Part 1 - Allegiance by Phil Hanna (47)
Penultima ReRolled by Stefan Gagne (253)
Sapphire Star by Yaballa (30)
Silberwald: Der Ring des Schicksals by Silberwald-Team (125)
Souls of Time (A Dark Sequel) by Decclan Macmanus (13)
The Graveron Seduction by G.R. 'LeBlaque' Mathews (53)
The Wanderer (FINAL g) by B G P Hughes (17)
The Way of the Open Hand by Majere (63)
Twilight by Rick Burton (188)
An Ancient Heart(v.3-3) by Andrew Ellis (67)
CC1: Gates of Myth Drannor by Abaddon (55)
The Lord Of Blight - Chapter Two by John 'Gestalt' Bye (43)
The Light Reborn by Bruce Nielson (16)
Orcs 1 - The Awakening of Arak-Hur ///// L'Éveil d'Arak-Hur ///// Bilingual Version (English&French) by Akkei (34)
Island Adventures - The Horns of Craven v1.22 by Lady Oonagh & Lord Alex (48)
ee2 - excrucio eternum (full version) by Stefan Gagne (268)
CC2: Sorrow of Faerun by Abaddon (47)
Trust Lies Within - Chapter 2 v1.16 Final by Eye4NEye (15)
The Cave of Songs (v.3.0) by Baldecaran (33)
Hyborian Age 1 - Temple of the Spider God by Fearguis (23)
Maugeter - The Keys To The City DEMO by Jaxtrasi (17)
Legacy of the Dracyn (Part 2) by Chadmium (8)
3rd Edition Adventure Series - The Forge of Fury by Jeff 'Dueeliz' Weaver (62)
Under the Moonlight - Single/Multi-player version by Expresso (12)
A Halo of Flies by Chris Huntoon (33)
Aribeth's Revival ver.2.0 by Poecile (31)
'A Mountain of Trouble' v1.06 by Dave Mason (13)
Q1 - Queen of the Demonweb Pits by Lomar (20)
BT3: Temple of the Elder Gods by PNem (9)
Prophecies of the Dragon - Chapter 1 by Allan Kaliel (13)
Terror in Ten Towns v1.34 Final by Azurn (15)
Legacy of the Dracyn (Part 1) by Chadmium (9)
Blaark Chronicles II - Watertown by Fintallo (14)
The Nether Scrolls ver 1.15 by Papermonk (118)
Soldier's Grave by Wes Lewis (11)
Trust Lies Within - Chapter 1 v1.58 Final by Eye4NEye (14)
Ankh Morpork - City of Discworld by Tim Harrison (19)
Hidden Tradition 2 by Rodney Orpheus (8)
In The Footsteps Of Dante by Beerfish (18)
The Peasant (version 1.2) by Jack Davis (11)
Shadohaunt by Xxtayce (46)
Tallanvor's Pride by D Jordan (9)
Four Demons Part One by Windhawk (15)
Sandy Valley Days by Aloro Silvertongue (9)
U1The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh/U2 Danger at Dunwater by oraweb (26)
AL1: Siege of Shadowdale by Alazander (14)
The Citadel by Phil anna (10)
Shipwrecked! -- Dark Heart of Moonshae Book 1 (v1.36) by Worldweaver (14)
Assassin: Shadows in Shander by DeltaVega (19)
The Spires of Ravenloft (modified) by RavenBuilder & modifications by The Dungeon Master (28)
Tomb of Horrors (Forgotten Realms) v1.4 by Ddraigcymraeg (13)
'Grail War - The Beginning.' V1.7 Final version by Huntsman (12)
Blaark Chronicles I - Portage by Fintallo (9)
AlwaysSummer Days English&German by DeadPoet&translatedbyJBeerbower (23)
Diablo - The Remake v.1.1 (Full Version) by Mecha-Ice (23)
Silstrei Knell v2.01 by Abaddon (7)
H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone by Tim (17)
'A Dance with the Devil' (NOT FOR CHILDREN) by Jon Koca (21)
Keep on the Borderlands (B2) HCR v1.21 by Stumble (20)
The Gates of Firestorm Peak (v 1.08) by Ghool (20)
BT2: Bramblewood Reinforcements by PNem (14)
THT1: All Things Are Lights by Rodney Orpheus (9)
Penultima 1 : Deratisation by Stefan Gagne&Traduction par Znog (72)

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