Andy Roddick
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Posted By: Jamesy

Posted On: Sep 24, 2006
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He's on fire

I really don't mind a guy like him to be the winner very much at every tennis game. If he loses, he can play stingers with me and he can do the honours of getting me..hehehe.

Posted By: Laughing

Posted On: Sep 11, 2006
Views: 3198
Andy is Dandy

Hmm...I wish I was one of those ball girls/boys that have to give him his towel and ****. I would keep that forever. He is a looker for sure with a body that's on fire!

Posted By: wrlddomination

Posted On: Aug 31, 2006
Views: 3209

I luv tennis. he makes me love it more. i wish i could just ****&suck him all day long. He is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't handle it, he gives me blue balls. and EVERYONE knows hes carrying one MASSIVE ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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