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What do you think of FFXI's MMORPG status? [331 votes total]

It's perfect (12)
It's great (35)
It's pretty good (32)
I'm stopping soon (4)
I would play if there was no fee (137)
I don't like it at all (87)
Other (Please specify) (24)

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Posted By: tom

Posted On: Mar 26, 2004
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Okay, okay, I'm considering buying the game, but from aside whether the game sucks because it breaks tradition or besides the fact that it should be called final fantasy online and not fantasy 11, no one has actually stated that the game sucks because the gameplay actually sucks.
If the game was not final fantasy and had some other name and if ff11 didn't have all the other final fantasies to live up to, would it be a decent game?

Posted By: Stigler

Posted On: Jan 23, 2004
Views: 2344
The competition will fall

Final Fantasy 11 will kill all other MMORPGS(INCLUDING THAT EVERQUEST(WHICH SUCKS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)then it will be around fo years and years and years years to come so they and they will also probly reduce the monthly fee the competetion falls so you dont have to complain about price.

Posted By: Snake Eyez

Posted On: Jan 23, 2004
Views: 2366
Future of FF

When you think about it, what else is there for the Final Fantasy name to accomplish? It's done pretty much everything you could expect a video game franchise to do. The next step, of course, would be to make it an MMORPG. I mean, what else can it do? The only alternative would be to re-hash past experiments and ideas, which can get pretty stale.

Going online is the obvious next step for Final Fantasy, and whether you think FF 11 sucks or not, you've got to admit that it's the only course fo action left.

Okay, I'm done being philosophical for today. :D

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