RPG Classics Poll
Looking forward to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? [252 votes total]

Got my GBA-posessing friends all ready! (49)
Yep, but only the single player. (62)
Mixed feelings. (50)
Not really. Darn that multiplayer. (41)
I've never looked forward to it. (38)
Other (Please specify) (12)

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Posted By: Krye

Posted On: Jan 31, 2004
Views: 1771
FF dead?

In my eyes' the final fantasy series began it's decent after VI (that's six [6] for those of you who didn't go to school) and the GameBoy series wasn't as good, but still playable.

This whole multiplayer thing? What's with that? This is final fantasy... not everquest...

Posted By: Snake Eyez

Posted On: Jan 30, 2004
Views: 1798

Yeah, I think he just wanted to be funny, but succeeded only in wasting time by saying the word "poopy" as much as possible.

ANYway.......yeah, FF:CC. Hm. Don't know. I picked "mixed feelings". I'd rather not judge a book by its cover, personally. I'll make my decision after I've played it.

Posted By: Unknown

Posted On: Jan 29, 2004
Views: 1835
FF:CC is going to be good

What the heck kinda comment was that?! "The game is poopy, I ate poo once and it tased like FF:CC." You have no reasoning posted to dislike this game. Emokid had reasoning behind being upset with it, what is yours? I personally think that the game is going to be great. I am rather upset about the leveling thing, so max stats might not be achieved. But that is about it. The game looks good, and Final Fantasy is coming back to Nintendo. All is well for the future.

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