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What system had the best "trilogy" of Final Fantasy games? [747 votes total]

NES (I, II, III) (43)
SNES (IV, V, VI) (453)
PSX (VII, VIII, IX) (223)
PS2 (X, X-2, XI) (28)

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Posted By: The Sylvan Archer

Posted On: Mar 14, 2004
Views: 3150
Which is your origin fellow?

It may simply be that most of us have entered the rpg and gaming arena in the glorious days of SNES,thus we pay it tribute. Oh my,we are old timers!
I voted for SNES btw because I absolutely adore FFVI. I can understand better Shadow than Cloud or that Squall wacko! "My spoiled childhood!Damn, I'll get into goth and be misanthropic!I won't be talked about in the past tense". Whoa,ok kid!

(A Link To The Past is in my heaaart....)

Posted By: Cala

Posted On: Feb 20, 2004
Views: 3214

II and III are kinda good, but (once again) for contuity's sake, NES for FFI. Otherwise PSX for FFT solely.

Posted By: Cybercompost

Posted On: Feb 18, 2004
Views: 3279

I hate FFIIj and FFIX with a passion, and FFXI isn't a real FF IMO, so its SNES no contest. =p

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