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What unifying umbrella term should people with a naturalistic worldview use? [89 votes total]

Brights (12)
Community of Reason (I belong to, I'm a member of) (16)
Critical Thinkers (2)
Inquirers (0)
Freethinkers (27)
Open Minders (0)
Philosophical Naturalists (5)
Skeptics (2)
Rationalists (10)
Realists (4)
Secularists (11)

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Posted By: Bill Atkinson

Posted On: Mar 19, 2005
Views: 805

I vote for the term "Other".

I am an Other. You are AnOther. We are all BrOthers. The Natural World is our MOther.

"Other" is already in use in the Muslim world: I believe it is the English translation of the Arabic word for infidel- meaning not one of "us".

"Other" is non-pejorative, neutral, not cute, not self aggrandizing, unpretentious, and this proposed use is sufficiently unorthodox to command attention.

Bill Atkinson

Posted By: Michel Virard

Posted On: Dec 1, 2004
Views: 871
Reasons for choosing "Bright"

Posted By: Arwyn

Posted On: Feb 5, 2004
Views: 984
Poll choices

I was divided between Freethinkers and Rationalists. I've known religionists who are also freethinkers (they think and judge for themselves, but they still "believe", and I've known non-believers who I would not call rational, convinced of the truth of all kinds of wierd conspiracy theories, alien visitations and other irrational stuff.

So I picked Rationalists, because I've known more religious freethinkers than I've known irrational non-believers.