Chevy poll
Has Blog gone too far? [27 votes total]

Yes, I'm shocked and appalled, you poopy head! (11)
Yes, I'm shocked and the Firefox badmouthing, you savage! (3)
Naw, it was funny. The kid was askin' for it, dorkface! (6)
What? What's going on? What did I miss, you mongoloid? (0)
I like pie! (7)

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Posted By: Sho

Posted On: Feb 19, 2004
Views: 1543
Re: FireFox and Pie

Oddly enough, the favicon issue with FireFox makes the icon for Andrew Sullivan also appear for Armed Prophet. Confusion ensues!

In other news: Man, I could go for some apple pie right now.

Posted By: WWB

Posted On: Feb 19, 2004
Views: 1548
I obviously didn't vote for the Firefox one

I use Firefox on more than one platform, and while it beats IE on a PC, it can't hold onto a favicon, its tendency to crash is annoying and the endless time it takes to print is a real hindance. Let's have Safari for PC! Come on, Steve!

Posted By: FLOG

Posted On: Feb 19, 2004
Views: 1551
Ooh, a new way to comment!

I would like more specificity in pie preference. I HATE pecan pie. But I suppose every vote is a compromise of principle.