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Do you prefer RPGs where you "create" your party at the beginning (e.g. FFI or FF:CC)? [363 votes total]

Yes (137)
No (129)
No opinion (85)
Other (please specify) (12)

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Posted By: Wilfredo Martinez

Posted On: Feb 29, 2004
Views: 2745

I like RPGs for many reasons, but mainly for the STORY; and as noted, you usually have to have pre-stablished characters for a game to have a good story. However, I certainly enjoy having the ability to create my own characters; it is more fulfilling AND it adds replay value. I guess the best games, then, are the ones that have preset characters but with good customizability options.

Posted By: Lunatic Panzer

Posted On: Feb 26, 2004
Views: 2817
I like both

I like them equally as much. If they are preset characters, you get a MUCH better storyline. However, customized characters do add a little bit of that 'role playing' back into RPGs.

Posted By: Dimitri

Posted On: Feb 26, 2004
Views: 2762

Pink Luiga, sorry.

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