RPG Classics Poll
Do you own any RPG apparel, such as T-shirts, pendants, or other clothing? [171 votes total]

Yes, plenty (5)
Yes, but only a few (13)
Yes, but only one or two (46)
None, but I plan to get some (44)
None; I don't plan to get any (57)
Other (Please specify) (6)

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Posted By: Kor ++

Posted On: Mar 4, 2004
Views: 2374
Would but...

You know, international sending taxes = Bad, very bad.

Posted By: Ybrik Metaknight

Posted On: Mar 3, 2004
Views: 2389

Do you count the pendant that came free with Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete? If so, then yes, but if not, then no. I do plan to purchase a shirt or something from nuklearpower.com pretty soon, though.

Posted By: Son of Raul

Posted On: Mar 2, 2004
Views: 2407

I really want to get some, but I can never find any. If anyone knows a good site that doesn't charge insane prices, tell me! But, I'm Canadian, so the whole exchange thing kills me.

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