What was your favorite moment at the Oscars? [1443 votes total]

When Holly Hunter hocked a loog and spit at the feet of Joan Rivers (54)
When Jack Nicholson said he was changing his name to 'Osama Bin Nicholson' (26)
When Johnny Depp sneezed and had a snot string in his hands then slicked back his hair (80)
When Angelina Jolie wrote dickhead on Ben Kingsley's head with a magic marker (60)
When Peter Jackson held up his Oscar and said 'In your face Clint Eastcock!' (77)
When Elijah Wood said the next person that calls him Mr. Frodo is gonna get a "Frodo-ed in the nuts" (143)
When Nicole Kidman farted then said 'Anyone gots a f**kin problem wit dat? Plenty more where that came from!' Then pointed to her butt. (233)
When Liv Tyler said her glasses were "magic x-ray psychic" (53)
When Sofia Coppola lied and said she had a fake leg and when someone called her a liar she stabbed herself in the leg with a fork and then smiled in pain. (77)
When Catherine Zeta Jones immediately lifted her dress up over her head when someone yelled, 'Hey Zeta! Show the goods!' (188)
When Adrien Brody cried 'But I'm the Best Actor! Doodyballs! Doodyballs!' After it was announced that Sean Penn won. (58)
None of the above (76)
Worst poll ever! (318)

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Angelina Jolie8880BeerliquorMar 3, 2004
I dodn't think I have ever seen an Oscar.181333DragonmasterMar 2, 2004
Johnny Depp3839BeerliquorMar 1, 2004
Oscars Billy K21154squack squackMar 1, 2004
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WORST POLL?0848PeteMar 1, 2004