Pacific Island Super 12 Team
Do you think a Pacific Island team in the Super 12 is a good idea? [311 votes total]

Yes, definately! (210)
Yes, but with conditions. (34)
Maybe (19)
No, not at all! (19)
No, 12 teams is enough. (14)
No more Aussie or SA teams. (15)

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Posted By: Pakeka

Posted On: May 24, 2006
Views: 3213
Pacific Island Team

1. Frank stokes
2. Julia Roberts
3. Brutis the baberbeefcake
4. inga da winga
5. Terry wright
6. David barnhill
8. U choose.
9. Yo MAMA
10. Bernnie Mac
11.Bernie Fraser
12.Bernnie Macahill
13. Benny Hinn
14. Benny hill
15. Private Benjiman
Coach. Mr Meyage
Assistant. Danny Zuko

Posted By: paul richardson

Posted On: May 25, 2005
Views: 3612

you might want to spell definitely correctly so as not to give all rugby followers the meat head tag

Posted By: Mark

Posted On: Mar 26, 2005
Views: 3683
Pacific Island Super 12 team

Get real
People don't just leave a current s12 franchise and go to somewher that mightn't even work
Hoeft and levi-highlanders
samo and smith -brumbies
collins soalio-canes
R sioalo on the wing??????????????
Afoa and lavea - Blues
Caucau's in england
Tuitupu,Rococko Howlettand Malli- Blues

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