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Have you ever had a Memory Card malfunction, deleting a valuable RPG save file? [312 votes total]

Happened many times (36)
Happened a few times (97)
Happened once (86)
Never happened before (93)

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Posted By: Unknown

Posted On: Jan 18, 2005
Views: 2415
Memory Card Failure

I experienced Memory Card Failure once before, right before fighting Ultimecia in FFVIII. It's stupid having to start over from the beginning

Posted By: Teefa85

Posted On: Mar 13, 2004
Views: 2652

Our old massive memory card for the PSX used to erase all the important data all the time. Such as my SaGa Frontier file, and my little sister's almost finished Tales of Destiny File. After getting annoyed, we switched to everyone having their own small card.

Posted By: Sylvan Elf

Posted On: Mar 11, 2004
Views: 2681

I've had cartridges and memory cards mess up on me three or four times in my life. The first time I tried to play FFIV and the first time I tried to play Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past come to mind. Also I had a problem playing FFX once. They're frustrating as hell, but at least they aren't too common.

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