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Has an RPG or a specific scene in an RPG ever freaked you out or scared you? [324 votes total]

Happened many times (34)
Happened a few times (113)
Happened once (60)
Never happened before (117)

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Posted By: Kot_Pizdot

Posted On: Jul 21, 2004
Views: 3200
we are the champions my friend

i played xenogears and those dirty elmenemts girl joined their robots. i thought that some robo-transformer from bad chinese 'kinda anime' came for my soul

Posted By: Teefa85

Posted On: Mar 13, 2004
Views: 3333
Freaking us Out

My sis was playing Kingdom Hearts, and was in Atlantica, when the shark came into the ship. She was sooooooo freaked (I warned her there would be a shark, I'd jumped when I first saw it)

Posted By: demigod

Posted On: Mar 12, 2004
Views: 3347

I was just playing FFV recently, and I bumped into a Tonberry in the Istory Falls cave. My first thought was "Holy crap!" Then I scanned it for hp, and I thought, "Holy crap!" I don't know why really, since all you need to do is summon Golem just before it gets to you and he'll block all the attacks.

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