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Posted By: Dina

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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Message Board is better

I personally dislike discussion groups.. too many emails to weed through, etc. I would be much more interested in checking a message board when I felt like it and adding my thoughts / ideas.

Posted By: Roger

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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wheresspots, adlist, nantucket group, yahoo

there are discussion groups out there already. some good, some great some bad. I don't think yet another one will do anything but overwhelm. Maybe you should point to the (good) ones already out there? Like our little canary, join all of them and let us know where the action is? We'll follow.

Posted By: Dre Mock

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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money, mouth.

it says discussion folks. but all i can see from here is voting. lets loosen our ships and sink some lips.