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Have you ever wasted loads of time while playing an RPG looking for a rumoured Item/Magic/Monster etc? [313 votes total]

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Posted By: Hiryuu

Posted On: Mar 19, 2004
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When Super Mario RPG first came out, I was convinced there was a hidden party member. I was sure that it was either Johnny or Booster. My friend didn't help matters, as he kept telling me he read in magazines ways to recruit Booster, giving clues like "Bowser is Booster's only enemy".

I also tried hard to find the "Fleaver" in Chrono Trigger (it was mentioned in the instruction manual). I only later realized that the Fleaver was actually the Slasher.

Posted By: korey Nixon

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
Views: 3793
paladin shield

my bad, i meant the paladin ring. There was a rumor that you could be able to turn the cursed ring into a paladin ring somehow. It was heavily talked about on the internet when final fantasy 3 on the snes was played alot. People said it would give you a different ending and such. It's an older rumor, but I remember looking for it.

Posted By: Wilfredo Martinez

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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About the Paladin Shield

That wasn't a rumor. Yes, I uncursed the cursed shield and got the Paladin Shield. Fought 255 battles with it equipped to do it. Do I have the patience of a saint or what? ^_^

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