RPG Classics Poll
What do you think of the Custom Robo and Fire Emblem series starting being released outside of Japan? [203 votes total]

It's really great (119)
It's okay (26)
I don't really care (30)
It's not that good (1)
It's an awful idea (4)
There are games only released in Japan? (15)
Other (Please specify) (8)

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Posted By: unknown

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
Views: 1882
Fire Emblem Rocks!!!

simply put, I love the Fire Emblem series and I hope that all of the Fire Emblems reach the U.S.

Posted By: Lunatic Panzer

Posted On: Mar 14, 2004
Views: 1961
I say: "It's about friggin time!"

there are a lot of really awesome games that never make it to America, and that makes me sad (T_T)