RPG Classics Poll
Do you prefer "lighthearted" RPGs (such as Paper Mario), or "Adult" RPGs (such as Xenosaga)? [372 votes total]

Lighthearted (33)
Somewhere in between (190)
Adult (140)
Other (Please specify) (9)

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Posted By: Ebony Dragon

Posted On: Mar 28, 2004
Views: 2894

99% of the good RPGs lie in the past. The new ones tend to only use sex appeal to sell games. There are exceptions however. (Xenosaga)

Posted By: Starcat5

Posted On: Mar 27, 2004
Views: 2912
Somewere in the middle

Personally, I like some lighthearted bouncy fun mixed in with my dark forboding. As long as it has a solid plot, and doesn't resort to "bumbling sidekicks", I'm all for it. This pritty much goes for any type of game, really.

Posted By: Scarfdalek

Posted On: Mar 27, 2004
Views: 2922

I like both, provided they have a good story. Some, like Breath of Fire, have "serious" plots, but are a load of ****e.

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