Supergroup - Men vs. Women
Which of the 2 bands above would make a better Supergroup album - The Women (Crow, Raitt, Etheridge, Hynde, Corr, McLachlan) or The Men (Rzeznik, Walsh, Kravitz, Peart, Mills, Allman) [1077 votes total]

The Women (386)
The Men (691)

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Posted By: Kristen

Posted On: Jul 23, 2009
Views: 1771
Nice idea!

I'd totally watch this! Ringo Starr would be a great addition the male line up.

Posted By: garjen

Posted On: Dec 30, 2008
Views: 1989
Women Supergroup

Dave Gilmour will be on the next UK vs USA Supergroup battle that I put together.

Posted By: gullivera

Posted On: Dec 30, 2008
Views: 1840
Women Supergroup

What?! No Dave Gilmour in the men's band?

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