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When an RPG is "remastered" (such as Final Fantasy I and II), do you prefer the original, or the remastered edition? [381 votes total]

Original (99)
Remastered (201)
Haven't played any of them (48)
Other (Please specify) (33)

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Posted By: Mike

Posted On: Mar 31, 2004
Views: 2734
I garland will... huh!?

Normally I would agree that the remastered vertions are better becouse of the improved graphics and soforth but in the Origins vertion of FF1 they had changed garlands immotal line to

"I garland will take you all on!"

I mean, why!?

Posted By: Sarah

Posted On: Mar 31, 2004
Views: 2716
"remastered" classics

I'll take the newest version, as long as they didn't tamper with the original goodness TOO much! But extra features are always good!
Relating to this topic in my own life--I just beat the remastered Final Fantasy II/IV (from FF Chronicles). Loved every minute of it! Never played the original though.

Posted By: Scarfdalek

Posted On: Mar 31, 2004
Views: 2718

It just depends on the quality of the orginal game. Graphics, loading time, and better sound quality, for instance the music in the early FF's sounds much better on the remastered versions

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