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What's your favourite RPG "perspective"? [381 votes total]

2D sprites (124)
2D sprites with 3D rotation (97)
3D models with still background (47)
3D models with 3D background (105)
Other (Please specify) (8)

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Posted By: OmnicromXR

Posted On: Apr 9, 2004
Views: 2587

I always thought DQ7's Perspective was quite charming. 3D area with 2D sprites. Sort of symbolized that DQ hadn't strayed from it's roots even on a new system. Though I do have fond memories of many a 2D RPG, by which I mean the unassailable classics on the SNES.

Posted By: Crowmagnum

Posted On: Apr 8, 2004
Views: 2625

2D games are better at this time but some 3D RPG's which lok like a FPS are incredably good.
I would also like to mention that chrono trigger is a 4D game because they can go left, right, forward, backward, up, down and through time.

Posted By: Daniel Seppala

Posted On: Apr 5, 2004
Views: 2751

Personally, I've got an overwhelming urge to play the 2D games most of the time, but that's probably because of one thing: I like the graphics used to be done very well! 2D images for RPGs have pretty much been mastered, but there are all sorts of ugly problems with 3D, like the pixel 3D in FF8 that added to the reasons I refuse to play it anymore. Now, say what you will about the Popeye look in FF7, that was one of the reasons I loved it. I mean, they did great for the battles, and the running around graphics were humorous. However, 2D graphics can do so much more than 3D in many cases...and in 3D graphics games I often stare at a small ledge that you can't even climb over because you're a dense fool and reach a point of anger where I just can't help but hit whoever keeps doing that! I mean, if you're going to make a 3D game, you should make the character travel in all Three Dimensions!

On that note, Crono Trigger was a 3D game because they travelled through time.

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