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What characters in Paladin's Quest are the most useful? [537 votes total]

Chezni (71)
Midia (35)
Duke (15)
Fritz (12)
Tiger (15)
Smash (10)
Gorf (10)
Dan (15)
Zuran (13)
Destry (8)
Slayer (17)
Mean Ma (13)
Wild (14)
Fastjo (11)
Grunt (9)
Gunny (11)
Chill (11)
Wind (9)
Bean (18)
J. Rasav (14)
G. Rasav (15)
Checan (13)
Lilie (9)
Fiery (12)
Blades (21)
Chen (12)
Mouth (27)
Nails (27)
Peppi (21)
Hawk (49)

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Posted By: The Mail Bomber

Posted On: Jun 14, 2004
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Crappy Game's Crappy Characters

Seriously, How can you people enjoy a game with such a shaky plot, bad graphics, annoying, repetitive music, etc. etc.?
The game is annoying, and I only played it to add another game to my repertoir of SNES RPGs I've beaten.
In the end, the only character who matters is Chezni, and speaking of him, what kind of name is Chezni? What was his mother on when she named him?
The only way this game could have the semblance of fun is to attempt to beat it wihtout mercenaries, that could almost constitute a challenge.
I can rant all day about this but I have better things to do (Like using my copy of Paladin's Quest as a baseball).
Don't flame me or I'll mail you a package (A la Final Fantasy II)

Posted By: Voltron

Posted On: Jun 12, 2004
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Best PQ characters

One thing I learned about Paladin's Quest, one of my favorites of the genre (and definitely by far my favorite SNES game) is that it is, at its core, a game of MAGICAL combat. An enemy with only one hit point left attacks with just as much power, and causes just as much damage, as an enemy with all its hit points, so the aim is not to kill the most powerful monster first, then the next-most powerful, etc... the aim is to wipe ALL the monsters out as quickly as possible-- and magic does that in ways that weapons just can't.

Therefore, magic-heavy characters are more useful in the long-run than combat-heavy characters, even though combat-pure characters like Bean and Dan are extremely potent allies for the parts of the game they're most useful in-- and plot characters like Duke and Chill are critical to the advancement of the game's storyline.

Mouth can cast both Storm and LStorm which pretty much decimates the entire list of enemies. Once Chezni gets the Earth Spirit, build it up to high levels, and both he and Midia can wipe out everything not flying with Bury-- it just lays waste to everything on the ground.

Unfortunately Hawk cannot cast ANY of these three spells (Storm, LStorm or Bury) because he does not have either the Air or Sphere spirits. He can use BreakA, however (Sky and Heart), which gives him a good "attack all" spell. He can also use Heat and Blowup. With these spells at his command, and supported by the other three characters, you have some pretty serious magic at your disposal.

The idea of using Fastjo and Lilie (for ATBack) against Zaygos and Kaymat is a very good one, and I will have to try it out. I definitely use it with both Chezni and Midia while fighting Zaygos, and Midia while fighting Kaymat (because the party doesn't get to heal between battles, you often don't have time to cast it for both Chezni and Midia). The kicker is that Fastjo has very poor defense and will take one hell of a severe pounding, and he has no medicine bottle with which to heal himself. Lilie also has no bottle, and her life whip will not restore enough health (as it will almost surely do no more than 1 hp of damage to Kaymat). Her life corsage might be useful, but chances are, 90% of the time Kaymat will get to attack before she can use it-- and if in one round he attacks AFTER she uses it, but the very next one he attacks BEFORE... she's a goner, guaranteed.

Mercenaries are pretty expendable while fighting Kaymat; it's Chezni and Midia you want to keep alive... but the strength in using Fastjo and Lilie is ATBack, which ceases to function once they're unconscious. The good part is that Chezni is free to use his giga bottle more often as he does not need to attack every round (though his Spirits spell, if ALL spirit meters are fully charged, can easily do 900 to 1000 points damage to Kaymat per pop, so it's still by far the fastest means of killing him).

All in all, magic is the way to go in Paladin's Quest. Weapons are supplemental to magic and should be used sparingly. Even the mighty gomutai and wind sword cannot wipe out the entire screen of enemies as efficiently as a good tri-blast of Bury, LStorm, LStorm, or three LStorms in a row, from Chezni, Midia and Mouth. You wipe the screen clear so fast, that the HP expenditure is MORE than worth it, as you take little to no damage from enemies. This is exactly WHY spells use HP instead of MP-- if you had enough MP, the party would be far too overpowered even against Kaymat.

By the way, to debunk the stories about the wind sword... Yes it can hit twice, but that, all by itself, DOES **NOT** make it the strongest weapon in the game. I don't CARE if the wind sword could hit TEN times per round... if each of those hits was capped at 5 damage apiece, that's gonna be crappy damage overall even if all ten hits connect. The true strength of the wind sword is that its damage does not correspond to its low attack modifier of +21... if both hits connect, the wind sword can dish out damage pretty comparable to the gomutai. Add to this the fact that the wind sword is one-handed and can be used with a shield, and THAT is what makes the wind sword the strongest weapon in the game... although still no match for a solid barrage of attack spells that can wipe the screen clear in one round; two tops.


Posted By: DaggerDias63

Posted On: Jun 11, 2004
Views: 2965
PQ characters

all of the characters play a good part to the game. even chill. now one by one ill go through everyone (bear with me here, ill make it short). chezni and midia are by far the best in the end if you gained magic levels and have all the good equipment. duke might seem weak and pointless, dont say anything until you have beaten the game he comes back and does something important. fritz is helpful for the short time he shows up, same goes for tiger. smash is weak but his bombbl's make battles end faster. gorf is a stronger version of smash, but still only useful until you get dan. dan and zuran make a good addition for the majority of the game. i tend to get replace zuran with slayer though. destry is cool too but DONT ENTER ANY TOWN (except for the magic school) WITH HIM! then i replace slayer with wild. meanma would be great too if she didnt have to be killed to get her to leave. then once fastjo makes the scene, replace wild or dan with him. keep this guy around, he may suck but he has ATBack. you will need this spell against the last boss. grunt and wind are only there for one event, they are so-so. gunny is a good alternative to dan if you still have him. bean is ok too, but i dont always get him. the razavs are very cool, especially the litlle one if he gains levels. checan can be somewhat useful for the next event but i usually get lillie instead. again, she has ATBack. Her and fastjo. then stuff happensand you can get chen or blades. i get blades cuz chens attack does nothing to lokarian (spelled wrong?). fiery is only there for this battle, shes ok. mouth is very very good, i use him in the place you find him. nails too, until you get hawk and peppi. these guys rule too. however, now that im out of characters to talk about i will reveal it: the ultimate party is chezni, midia, fastjo, lillie. why? AtBack!!!! with this spell you can beat Zaygos WITHOUT SPIRIT! do NOT whine about the last boss's difficulty if you have not tried ATBack on all 4 characters. Zaygos doesnt standa chance if you do this. Chezni, midia, fastjo, lillie- all do ATBack, then defend the whole fight. if you get weak use a Gigabl. thank you. any more comments? feel free to share. i know it was long, sorry. this is my 2nd favorite game of all time (2nd only to ff4)

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