RPG Classics Poll
What alignment in RPGs do you like best? [946 votes total]

Lawful Good (90)
Chaotic Good (232)
Neutral Good (138)
Lawful Neutral (40)
Chaotic Neutral (148)
True Neutral (92)
Lawful Evil (65)
Chaotic Evil (98)
Neutral Evil (43)

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Posted By: Bakurathewolf

Posted On: Sep 7, 2004
Views: 2589
The alignments

My favorite AL has got to be CN. Its the "I do whatever the hell I want to do" alignment. Most of my charas are CN.

Posted By: Maximus1

Posted On: Aug 16, 2004
Views: 2814
About Kot_Pizot...

Defintley time for a new poll...

And yeah, I'd agree with you that Lawful Evil, or any kind of Evil char is hard and tiring to roleplay because you can't team with anyone (unrealistic), and most people don't have much practice at it in real life (most people). LE is more fun to fight than to play.

Neutral is easy. Just follow your personal desires.

Come to think of it, LE is the only kind of Evil that can team, if only until the inevitable backstabbing of your allies. ;D

Posted By: Crowmagnum

Posted On: Aug 14, 2004
Views: 2836
Depending on class

i choose depending on my class if i am a rogue i usually choose evil if i am a monk i usually choose nutural and any others it is just how i am feeling each day :)

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