And if you knew her birthday, obviously:
If you had my mom's email, would you email her on her birthday to wish her a happy one? [347 votes total]

Yeah! Your mom rules! (129)
Sure, why not? (115)
Er, maybe. (64)
Nope. (29)
Not allowed to. (10)

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Posted By: Caz

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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Yay for Erin's mum's birthday!

XD I'd totally wish your mum a happy birthday Erin! Anyone who can have a kid like you, who can therefore create a place like Shine should...well. She needs fangirls! *nods* Erin, your mom needs fangirls (or fanboys of course)! XD

Maeglwyn, my mum would do the same thing to me if I ever allowed her to watch Hellsing with me. XD Either she'd stake me or she'd grab the oversized kitchen knifes, pull out the crucifix and chase me around Andersong style.

And _that_ Erin, is why anyone would wish your mum a happy birthday. She won't kill you for watching and being obsessed with Hellsing...and Sir Integra. *glomps Integra plushie...and yes. It is a REAL plushie. And you can't have it!*

Posted By: Maelgwyn

Posted On: Jul 11, 2004
Views: 2717

Hah, yey! Happy Birthday!
(... I wonder what inspired this?)
At any rate, yes. Your mom is the greatest. If my mom watched Hellsing with me she'd stake me. Litterally. T^T Heh.
So Happy Birthday to the Doujinshi-ka's mum!


Posted By: Lex

Posted On: Jul 11, 2004
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Happy Whenever Birthday Erin's Mother!

Hello! If I knew when her birthday was, and her email of course, I would totally say happy birthday! Why wouldnt I? She is the reason that Shine is here! Actually.. shes the reason Erin is here, and Erin is the reason why Shine is here.. so.. yea, of course i would!

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