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In Tales of Symphonia, who is the better choice, Kratos or Zelos? [217 votes total]

Kratos (103)
Zelos (61)
Neither (13)
Either (40)

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Posted By: Haya-ji

Posted On: May 20, 2005
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Here's my two cents

Meh, I liked the depth of Kratos's character better than the comparative flatness of Zelos'. I felt for him throughout the game, whereas I was usually just laughing at Zelos. I think Kratos was just more fun to get to know :)

Posted By: Ket Shi

Posted On: Sep 14, 2004
Views: 2923
I choose Zelos.

I found Zelos to be much more useful overall.
His path gets a much happier ending than Kratos' path overall for both characters involved, and that's the way I like it.
I also found Zelos to be an interesting character. There's a lot more to him than pink clothes and skirt-chasing (get his dinner party, Dirk's house, Flanoir, and/or Heimdall scenes and you'll see what I mean).
He gets three costume titles compared to Kratos' one. I think his Narcissist title is incredibly suave looking, even cooler than Kratos. Too bad his Pickup Artist costume is absolutely eye-gougingly terrible.
His Personal skill is very handy. Toss two Rabbit's Foot accessories on him and you'll be getting Hourglasses, Miracle Gels, Rune Bottles, and Rare Pellets out of the wazoo.

Posted By: DaggerDias63

Posted On: Sep 13, 2004
Views: 2966

zelos is an idiot. i did not like him as a character, and compared to kratos he sucks. does he ever get judgement like kratos does, no zelos does not. plus i compared their stats by getting one of them then the other and writing down their stats on the same level and kratos had higher in everything.

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