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Do you prefer RPGs with "set" character classes (such as FFIV), or ones that let you develop your characters more freely (such as FFVII or VIII)? [504 votes total]

Character sets (196)
No character sets (187)
No preference (107)
Other (Please specify) (14)

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Posted By: Medkive

Posted On: Oct 4, 2004
Views: 2684

Actually i prefer class system like seiken densestu 3(sorry for mispell)
it gives a good range its option for character growth but still keep de basic classes

Posted By: Chris

Posted On: Oct 4, 2004
Views: 2701
That s bull

that is bull, characters should be able to be customized, an example is you want a team of theives in Final Fantasy 7 you can have that where as in Final Fantasy 9 you can not have that cause you only have one theif and that is Zidane, although at the beginning you get to use Cinna, Blanc, and Marcus, with Zidane which make up a team of theives but that is only for one battle.

Posted By: Rand

Posted On: Sep 27, 2004
Views: 2840

I like the kind of characters who begin from one setting but can also take some part of the other classes... like FFX.. They have a special skill that they only have, but also they can learn various things that everybody have access to..

FFV and FFVI have also these things...
and FFVI rules!! :P

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