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What's the longest you have played an RPG without stopping? [551 votes total]

Under 2 hours (12)
2-4 hours (36)
4-6 hours (80)
6-8 hours (81)
8-10 hours (87)
10-12 hours (55)
12 hours+ (200)

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Posted By: sabin

Posted On: Oct 3, 2004
Views: 2939
beat this!

i stayed up for about 56 hours playing neverwinter nights so i could max out levels and get the coolest equipment. then i slept for 26 hours and when i woke up, i remembered that yesteray was a monday and that means school...

Posted By: Eternal_Sphere_6969

Posted On: Oct 1, 2004
Views: 2976

One time I stayed up 3 days straight in FFX-2 to max out all the classes in that game since I didnt bother to level up until then. Another time I stayed up 28hrs. straight to level up on Ragnarok Online, I got from lvl1 novice to lvl75 Sniper in that time.

Posted By: Vitamin J

Posted On: Sep 30, 2004
Views: 2994
Tales of Symphonia

When I first got the game, I saw that if you fight 255 battles on hard mode, you will unlock Lloyds "Berserker" title. The berserker title gives yoy tons of HP, and Strenght. So I sat right outside of the first town, and for four and 1/2 strait hours, I did nothing but fight enemies until I learned it. It does not compare to any of your stories (except for maybe my Dragon Warrior\Paladins Quest one) but that us the longest time I have ever spent leveling up in a game.

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