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Posted By: Behemoth

Posted On: Oct 8, 2004
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Definately not ground breaking

Although star ocean:TET is a pretty solid game with a fresh battle system and a decent storyline, it doesn't hold a candle to Tales of symphonia in terms of battling, and Star ocean: the second story, in terms of everything excluding graphics. Because i am currently playing it i can't base a valid opinion until i complete it, it could get worse, but then again, it could get ALOT better.

Posted By: BlackMageJawa

Posted On: Oct 6, 2004
Views: 2572
Blue Sphere

BTW, Till the End of Time isn't the third Star Ocean game, it's the fourth. Everyone always leaves out SO: Blue Sphere on the Game Boy Colour.

OK, so it was a direct continuation of The Second Story, and played more like a spin-off than a true SO game, but it was still the third Star Ocean. I just wish someone would translate it into English.

Posted By: Lord Retard

Posted On: Oct 5, 2004
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You have a point, but that's not neccessarily not a comment on the story. More like a comment on what one expects the story to be put against what it really is. If it's a space game, great. If it's a civilisation much earlier, it's still fun.

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