RPG Classics Poll
How often do you use a Strategy Guide of some sort to beat an RPG? [444 votes total]

All the time. I canít live without those things! (70)
Every now and then (153)
Only a few times (75)
Once or twice (65)
Never! I'll beat my games the old-fashioned way, thank you very much! (58)
I'm the one who writes those strategy guides for other people! (23)

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Posted By: Sylvan Elf

Posted On: Oct 17, 2004
Views: 3830

I've used a strategy guide a few times when I've gotten absolutely lost somewhere, or forgotten where I needed to be, because I haven't played a game in so long. Usually, I only use them to get special endings and stuff.

Posted By: Lunatic Panzer

Posted On: Oct 15, 2004
Views: 3910
on most games, yes

I use a guide for almost every game. I dont use it for strategies or walkthroughs, though. I only use guides to find stuff like items, abilities, etc. that I may otherwise miss.

Posted By: DaggerGenobeam78

Posted On: Oct 15, 2004
Views: 3912

is there a strategy guide for Paladin's Quest? I collect the guides for rpg's and I am missing one for that game. and no, I do not mean this site it does not count as a players guide that I own and can read whenever. it is sad when you cant find a guide to your favorite game (ok second favorite, Final fantasy 4 is my real favorite). no offense to those of you who say paladins quest sucks, it does not. what DOES suck is multiplayer RPG's, remember the good old days when it was ONE HUMAN against the computer? now THOSE are rpgs. so, is there one out there for paladins quest?

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