Alan Jones Web Poll
What do you think now you've heard Alan Jones? [124 votes total]

The guy is a complete arsehole (27)
He is deceiving his audience (16)
This audio should be put on 2UE radio so his listeners know what he is really like (16)
He is competely insane! (14)
He is a very arrogant little man! (17)
God help anyone who works with him! (13)
I would NEVER take crap like this if I worked in his studio (14)
Give the guy a break - he is only human (1)
Most broadcasters are like Alan - get over it!!!! (2)
Alan Jones is God. (4)

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Posted By: Wendy Georgeson

Posted On: Sep 30, 2012
Views: 1127
Alan Jones

All Liberal Party members should boycott Alan Jones. He is a disgrace to all Australians