Worst Christmas Songs
What is the worst Christmas song ever? [467 votes total]

"Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" (236)
"Little Drummer Boy" (24)
"Jingle Bells" by the Jingle Dogs (110)
"Twelve Days of Christmas" (29)
"White Christmas" (7)
"Blue Christmas" (37)
other -- please comment below (24)

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Posted By: nguyenvinh

Posted On: August 16th
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Good Song

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Posted By: Shop Dam Vay Dep

Posted On: July 15th
Views: 227
Dam Da Hoi Dep

Dam Da Hoi Dep rat nhieu mau dam da hoi dep du tiec sang trong.

Posted By: Đầm dạ hội dự tiệc bẹt vai xẻ đùi quyến rũ sang tr

Posted On: July 13th
Views: 234
Đầm Dạ Hội Đẹp

Đầm dạ hội đẹp

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