80's Metal/Hard Rock vs 90's Grunge/Hard Rock
Which Supergroup would make a better album - 80's (Van Halen, Tyler, Ozzy, Angus, Lee, Ulrich) vs 90's (Frusciante, Grohl, Cornell, Corgan, Vedder, DeLeo)? [1221 votes total]

80's Metal/Hard Rock Supergroup (774)
90's Grunge/Hard Rock Supergroup (447)

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Posted By: Unknown

Posted On: Dec 5, 2008
Views: 2654

Frusciante on guitar, Flea on bass, Eddie Vedder on rhythm/vocals, Dave Grohl on drums, layne staley on vocals, mike enzinger on guitar. 90's super group

Posted By: Mike

Posted On: Oct 22, 2008
Views: 2720
80's Supergroup

Dude, you want vocals it has to be Axle...and W.T.F. where's Tommy Lee in this Super Group...

Posted By: Chris

Posted On: Sep 12, 2008
Views: 2771

Keep Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder and have them rotate positions. Put John Petrucci on lead guitar so Flea can be bass. Keep Dave Grohl, but move him from drummer so Tim Alexander of Primus can take over. Keep Billy Corgan also.

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