How will the Cubs do in 2013? [3 votes total]

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Posted By: Real Fan

Posted On: Feb 28, 2008
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White Sox

Cubs fans are the best fans in the world. We don't ditch our team when they aren't winning. As far as Wrigley Field being a toilet....I don't think is one of the biggest parts of baseball history still standing. Plus, unlike the Sox's area of town, you don't get mugged leaving the game. Sox fans are dirty as hell. You stay on your nasty side of town, and us Cubs fans will stay on the nice side...Oh yeah, good luck with your season....Cubs or Mets have already been picked to win the series. Sox are just going to suck!

Posted By: Gregory A. Piers

Posted On: Jun 7, 2006
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Why do Scrubs fans think that they are any better than White Sox fans? Even though they are a **** team and the Sox are the WORLD CHAMPS?

Cub fans think losing is cute which shows how ignorant and little respect they have for the game of baseball.

Wrigley Field is a toilet....The absolute nastiest dirtiest pile of junk in the majors.
What can be said for crappy seats 1 bathroom per 5000 people, and flying a flag when you lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUBS CAN HAVE A DRUNKO FRAT BOY FOLLOWING WHILE THE WHITE SOX GET BETTER EVERYDAY AND WIN RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: CUBS RULE

Posted On: Mar 2, 2006
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You really got to get over the brewers and how they suck you really are an idiot and the cubs will do the best they can in 2006 and that's that you know what I am a die hard cubs fan and I always will be so just don't talk about my team like that. They are gonna at least make it to to the world series this year and you can just be watching because the brewers will never make it to the world series because they don't have the players like the cubs do. I think that Derrek Lee should have won the MVP in 2005 because he hit more home runs than any of your brewers ever could. Another thing is that Derrek Lee won a golden glove and none of the brewers did.

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