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Guys - Are you going to prom with [5318 votes total]

Someone you love (1118)
Someone who loves you (364)
Someone who feels the same about you as you feel about them (2795)
Anyone who would say 'yes' (1041)

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Posted By: coca

Posted On: Mar 2, 2011
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im 16 in the 11th grnd.and my name is coca and yea i have to say it does suck when it come time to prom cuz you really dont want to ask anyone to prom cuz you may really like the guy and he may say "NO" or he may say sorry but i am going with someone . some time life not just not come all these cute of fat or skinny girl can get asked to the prom but i cant? i mane my sister has been to prom 3year in a roll with the same guy and ever year she wins prom qenn and home comeing qenn.........ever year and i just dont see how that is??????????? "will i ever get a date to the prom"?????????? i wish i real fine sweet cute guy would ask me.if there any girl out there that wat i mane ....just keep looking we will find that dream guy of ours and hopefull we could all get a chane to be home comeing quenn or prom quenn

Posted By: casey lord

Posted On: Dec 17, 2008
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junior prom

I want you to know I can"t find a prom dresses
for me I look so hard and I try my best to look
down and up but right now I need your help to
find a junior prom dresses for me Please his prom
is going to be different year in 2009 Please thanks

Posted By: Amber

Posted On: Oct 20, 2008
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It's very difficult when you don't like any guy.

I don't like anyone at home or in my school so I am currently dateless. I don't want to walk in alone but I haven't got a date. It sucks being the chick during 12th grade. It's too much stress. I am going on a dating site. LMAO!

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