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Next up: a storyline about Hell and a storyline about Iscariot. Which do you want to see first? [1107 votes total]

Hell! (377)
Iscariot! (411)
What's the difference, really? (319)

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Posted By: deathchocobo

Posted On: Mar 25, 2005
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Both? I don't know.. Hell?
Iscariot vs. Hell..
Or how about

Satan kidnaps members of Iscariot...

Okay, not my best one..x.x;;;;

Posted By: Erin

Posted On: Mar 17, 2005
Views: 3016

integra_fan: That expression was supposed to be, more or less, "Gee, I wonder . . ." (Sarcastic.)

abc: Poor Fujishima-san. Unfortunately, I'm sure that happens with every comic artist sooner or later . . . American or Japanese.

dandylion licker: Well, I thought it was funny. Other people are welcome to their opinions ^_^

But no, I'm not going to mess with the storylines. (I don't even know which one any of you voted for.) Iscariot will come next, and there will be Heinkel, never fear.

iscariot section 14: Don't worry, I'll do much more than that ^_~

Posted By: iscariot section 14

Posted On: Mar 17, 2005
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hell wuz good but there isnt much more you can do than retread the same stuff like hirano did wid jan+luke

'i was burnt to dead'
'i got eat by a doggy'

involve the spirit of harkonnen. always good for surrealist laff.

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