A Possible Future Treo 710
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Posted By: sftreo

Posted On: Apr 28, 2005
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TREO 710

Make it happen and I'd buy it.

But one error. The 7290 DOES have backlighting for the keyboaard. It's the little round button on the lower right.
And the 7290 is far easier to type with.

But the 650 has a better screen and far more apps.

Posted By: Bob

Posted On: Apr 3, 2005
Views: 5251
One other feature

And while we are at it, how about building in a thumb drive capability (like the T5?) so we can get rid on one more piece of gadgetry most of us are forced to carry around.

Posted By: omnix

Posted On: Mar 7, 2005
Views: 5682
Future design

I agree that larger screen real estate and loosing the antenna would be better, however, I think the first thing P1 should look at is phone performance (volume, clarity, and bluetooth functionality). I don't know about everyone else, but I bought the 650 to be a phone first, and a PDA second (albeit a close second). However, the sound quality, is not as good as my wife's Moto V551. P1 should look at making the volume louder, and the volume controls more granular. Built-in MP3 and better midi (32 channel) support, as well as, easier ability to assign distinct ringtones to individual contacts, I think, are also needed. Make the thing sound good...

The storage issue is easy to address (128 Meg minimum, 1 GB recommended). Hey, RAM is cheap...

1+ Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi (802.11b or better), Graffiti mode for text entry, and a voice recorder would be ideal.

Add all of that, without sacrificing speed and stability (which could be improved as well), and don't let it get ugly like the Black Berry. It should sell well.

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