Steroids and the HOF
Should a steriod cheater be eligible for the HOF? [906 votes total]

Yes, absolutely (147)
Not unless he would have made it easily without steriods (194)
No (565)

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Posted By: Geno

Posted On: Jul 24, 2008
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Cheating in Baseball

Any eligible player for HoF consideration from the 1919 Black Sox didn't get in,so why should any player who is proven to be a cheater get elected.

Posted By: Mark

Posted On: Jul 13, 2007
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Steroids and the HOF

Baseball hall of fame displays the best of the best players it doesn't matter how they got their number only that they did and they should not be voted out because of their past when all had access to the same things...

Posted By: chris

Posted On: Dec 25, 2006
Views: 7024
Steroids and the HOF

I read the comments about steroids and HOF eligibility and believe that guys have been taking things to improve performance for years, before steroids, and owners knew it then and know it now. Owners were so concerned about the entertainment value of home runs they lowered the pitching mound and, in my humble opinion, turned a blind eye to steroid abuses. They wanted these guys to do superhuman things to sell tickets. That being said, I think the value of the non-steroid player cannot be measured against a system that encourages and rewards players for these types of behaviors. I remember when 40 homers made your career, now it makes you ordinary. If you used drugs, steroids, reds, purple monsters, or whatever, you should be denied entry to the HOF. Test positive and give up the opportunity to be in the HOF. Unfortunately, I think we would find the HOF can't compete with the massive amounts of cash available to players who produce.

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