Highland Park Administrator
Who would trust to run Highland Park? [163 votes total]

Arthur Blackwell II (79)
Ramona Henderson Pearson (84)

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Posted By: Patrick McClelland

Posted On: Apr 19, 2005
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Hey Just Concern:Have you been in some sort of coma for the last month?If you noticed my rebuttal to Councilman Yopps baseless comments about me occurred almost a month ago.And it sure seems funny that it would take you all this time just to copy the same rhetoric the Good Councilman used.In any event I would suggest that you use some new material preferably your own.I will never waste my time with personal attacks on others.But I will debate anyone about issues.So if you or anyone else would like to debate the issues that effect ALL of us involved with the status of the city so be it.But if you want to waste your time making negative comments about me go ahead,besides people like you only strengthen my resolve.Regarding giving Mr Blackwell a chance we have no choice.The Governor has seen to that.I as a 30 year member of the Public Safety Department can only hope for the best for all of us involved with the city.

Posted By: Just Concern

Posted On: Apr 17, 2005
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A. Blackwell Appointment

This response is in regard to Mr. McClelland negative response to the appointment of Mr. Blackwell. I agree, with Councilman Yopp when he says that you have been a "KISSING UP" to every Mayor who has sat in that office at least from Mayor Bob to Mayor Porter. When will you start to stand on your own two feet, with your own opinion, and not with what you think the people want to hear. The residents of HP do not have a problem speaking for themselves.

So, I urge you to concentrate on union matters more and quit taking down were union matter are concerned and STAND UP. Besides, you don't live in this city, but you want us to believe that you care about our city. You have a city thats financially secure and a police dept. So give us a break and give the man a chance.

One thing we know for sure, and that is $1.00 annually won't kill us, oppose to the millions that was leaving our city for the salaries of the others. UH!

Posted By: WilliamX

Posted On: Apr 16, 2005
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City Administration Note.

" Hi " again. In my post that I just submitted I did not mention a special thanks to the new City Council Members,who are out front serving the people you know who you are,and thanks to the ones who are trying to make the differences.Sorry Stephen,I forgot to add this into my last post. Yours Truly WilliamX

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