Just for randomness' sake.
Iscariot parings! Which do you like? [1350 votes total]

EnricoxYumiko (84)
EnricoxAlex (172)
HeinkelxAlex (151)
YumiexAlex (83)
YumiexHeinkel (196)
YumikoxHeinkel (205)
YumikoxYumie (o_O) (138)
EveryonexFather Renaldo (103)
None, of course! What are you, nuts? (140)
Don't know, don't care. (78)

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Posted By: skeptic

Posted On: Jul 11, 2008
Views: 2837

Everyone x Father Renaldo FTW!!!

Posted By: DopeyTheChosen1

Posted On: Nov 28, 2007
Views: 3022
yumiko>yumie? that's awkward

very awkward...like me and a friend were discussing, with seras and pip after book 7, very awkward if they wanted to get together.
what would yumie be doing? grabbing herself or something? meh? wha? me crazy!

Posted By: Melitza

Posted On: Nov 27, 2005
Views: 3430
fierce competition among 'em, arg!

I kinda like Alex heart Integra... And Heinkel heart Integra... And Maxwell heart Integra... And.......

Alucard heart Integra is #1 though, of course. *Squeee!*

But uh, inter-Iscariot (whoa, that sounded dirty ^_^)? I think Yumie/Heinkel or Yumiko/Heinkel is totally cute. Or Heinkel/Alex. Of course all those pairings would be doubly naughty, since they're all priests and nuns... But whatever... Since when have doctrines ever stopped anyone from anything? *does a "doctrines never stopped me!" jig*

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