Your Future Treo
Which one would you buy? [1615 votes total]

Current Treo 650 model line (137)
Treo 700 (Large screen with Tungsten-like sliding keyboard) (225)
Treo 710 (10% larger body and keyboard) (110)
Treo 800 (No keyboard but larger screen) (156)
Treo 810 (Large screen with back sliding keyboard) (987)

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Posted By: Peter

Posted On: Mar 14, 2006
Views: 4964
Treo 810

Yah its good but screw the 480x320 go with a 640x480 vga like all the ppc phones more web viewing and gaming possibilities, and have a 612 mhz processor, might aswell make it the best :p

Posted By: gfsszgf

Posted On: Mar 14, 2006
Views: 4965


Posted By: Afaebe

Posted On: Jun 26, 2005
Views: 6283
Future Treo

Palmone is soon to be renamed Palm. Future Treo should be named "convergent device one" Treo CD 1: Specs should include 1GB rom, 128MB ram, SDIO/MMC slot, 512MHz intel processor, solar cell and backup rechargable/removable battery, 262k colors, on screen VGA camera, 2.0MP external camera, 320 x 320 screen, BT 1.2 or higher, wifi, keyboard and overall thinner than Treo 650. Should maintain form factor in Treo 650.

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